Why Use A Mortgage Lender?

Searching for your dream home is not always an easy task. Not only do you have to find the right mortgage but you have to decide on whether to use a mortgage lender or a bank? The Marino Lending Team at First Centennial Mortgage has made a list of reasons on why a mortgage lender is the most appropriate person to facilitate your home loans in Naperville.

1. Options & Rates
Working with a mortgage lender means you will have access to a variety of different rates and home loan choices. The lender will educate you on all the different options so you can confidently make the right decision. A bank has fixed rates and is restricted to only the services they offer at their financial institution.

2. Puts You First
A mortgage lender always put you first. They will never try to take advantage of you just to make more money. Lenders work off of commission, so they do not get paid until a loan is signed for. This means that they will always work hard to ensure you are happy and satisfied with your loan decision.

3. They Will Do The Hard Work
Your Naperville mortgage broker will put in all the hard work so you do not have to. They will organize all of your financial documentation, communicate with different financial institutions, and negotiate better deals on your behalf to find you the best option.

4. Bad Credit? That's Okay
Banks are very particular on which clients they choose to work for. A bank will be less willing to work with you if you have bad credit or any imperfections on your financial record. A lender, however, will not turn you away. They understand that not everyone is perfect, and will work to the best of their ability to ensure you still get the opportunity to buy your dream home.

Buying a home is most likely the biggest purchase you will ever have to make so it is important you choose wisely on which lender you want to work with. Contact Glen Marino, your local Naperville mortgage lender, to get the best home loan on the market. So don't wait, contact us online or call 630.983.3604 to get started.

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